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China"s first AI solution system for both government and enterprises was launched Thursday, aiming to help different institutions achieve smart decision-making.

The system, called Deepmatrix, was developed by Baifendian, one of China"s leading big data and AI solution providers. It contains five main products covering different industries; namely Deep Finder, Deep Governor, Deep Editor, Deep Creator and Deep Sensor.

Su Meng, CEO of Baifendian, said AI solutions based on big data are the future for decision makers.

A report released by IDC said China"s digital economy will account for 55 percent in 2021 while 76 percent of the digital economy will receive contributions by traditional industries.

Baifendian has expanded their solutions to Africa and Latin America amid the Belt and Road Initiative campaign.

Baifendian has established strategic labs with China National Electronics Imp. & Exp. Corp, the People"s Public Security University of China and Jingdong, one of China"s leading e-commerce platforms.

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