Chinese police seize over 144.5 kg drugs in banana transport go wristbandstruck

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KUNMING - Chinese police have seized 144.5 kg of drugs including heroin and methylamphetamines on a truck transporting bananas in the city of Tongren, Southwest China"s Guizhou province, authorities said Wednesday.

Police from Southwest China"s Yunnan province got information at the end of March that a group of people was planning to transport drugs from Myanmar to Central China"s Hubei province, according to Panlong branch of Kunming municipal public security bureau.

The police immediately set up a task force. They found Saturday that the suspicious vehicle had entered Yunnan and was heading for Guizhou. One day later, assisted by Guizhou police, they intercepted the truck transporting bananas and caught one suspect.

Sixty-five cartons of methamphetamines weighing 131.95 kg and six cartons of heroin weighing 12.55 kg were found on the truck.

Further investigation is underway.

Yunnan is a major front in China"s war on drugs, as it borders the Golden Triangle, which is notorious for drug production and trafficking.

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